Since August 2011, our small, independent family business has been active in the export of ornamental plant products such as cut flowers, house and garden plants, seeds and bulbs. We focus in particular on the retail market in Europe, from low-price to full-service oriented supermarkets. Furthermore, we sell house and garden accessories related to the products on offer.


Ruud van Nieuwkoop is the son of a horticulturist and has gained a wealth of experience at two major export organisations specialising in flowers and plants, first as a salesman, then as sales manager and eventually as director. After this period, he spent a year working for a bulb export company with which he now works in close collaboration. In 2011, together with his wife, Ruud set up Van Nieuwkoop Export (V.N.E.) and together with his employees, he has been active in the export of ornamental plant products since 1 August 2011.


Van Nieuwkoop Export has carefully selected a number of collaboration partners in the field of transport, packaging and production. Flexibility, quality and our “a deal’s a deal” mentality have been the foundations of these collaborations for years. We also work together with a number of selected growers, who we see as our partners, in order to introduce the right products to the market for the right price and at the right time based on the same flexibility, quality and “a deal’s a deal” mentality.


Our business strives to do business openly and honestly with both our producers and our customers. It is important to us that we clearly inform our customers of the origin of our product and to raise the profile of our producers within our target market. This enables us to optimally balance supply and demand. It is our company’s task to ensure a win-win situation for all parties involved.